Tafsir of Surah Al Fatiha with Dr. Reda Bedeir

Tafsir of Surah Al Fatiha (Two week intensive course)
Live 1.5hr sessions every Monday and Thursday from Apr 8-Apr 18, 8:00-9:30pm EST
Can make a live session? No problem, all lectures are recorded and available for streaming. Cost: $19USD

Ten Reasons on why should you join this two-week intensive online course?
1. To learn the secrets of the greatest Surah in the Qu’ran
2. To uncover the pearls and gems of the “Mother of the Book”.
3. To discover how Allah talks to you when you recite this Surah.
4. To enjoy the 17-times a day private spiritual dialogue with Allah.
5. To learn the comprehensive summary of the entire Qur’an.
6. To learn how to enjoy every single word of the Surah.
7. To learn how to increase your “khushu’” focus in Salah.
8. To learn the different names of the Surah.
9. To learn how this Surah can be used as a cure.
10. To learn protection from misguidance and the anger of Allah.

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This is a ‘VIDEO ON DEMAND’ Course
– a registration link will be posted soon, insha’Allah

Public lecture: Sisters only public lecture

This is a ‘SISTER ONLY’ Public Lecture.