Dr. Reda Bedeir

Ph.D., Applied Linguistics and Islamic Studies,
Al Azhar University, Cairo, Egypt.

Dr. Reda Bedeir has a Ph.D. degree from Al Azhar University in Applied Linguistics and Islamic Studies. He holds two BA degrees: one in English and the other in Islamic Studies. He has an MA degree in Simultaneous Translation between Arabic and English.

Courses & Seminars

Classroom and Online Learning
Classical Arabic courses
Beginner's level
Pre-intermediate level
Intermediate level
Post-intermediate level
Advanced level
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Islamic courses
Exegesis (Tafsir) of Qur'an
Biography (Seerah) of the Prophet (PBUH)
Biography (Seerah) of the Companions
Stories of the Prophets in the Qur'an
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Seminars on
Parenting & Marriage
Coaching & Development
Setting up Strategic Goals
Training Teachers of Islamic Studies
Dealing with Depression and Stress
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Hajj and Umrah Travel

Dr. Reda guides people in Hajj and Umrah. “Living the Seerah” is a special Umrah that includes a special educational program where the entire life of the Prophet Muhammad peace and prayers be upon him is explained where it took place in Makkah, Taif and Madinah.

Dr. Reda Bedeir's Experience

Dr. Bedeir has been teaching at Al-Azhar University in Egypt for almost two decades. He is an ex- instructor with Almaghrib Institute. He has taught Islam all over the world: Egypt (Al-Azhar University), USA (Wake Forest University in NC), Canada (Calgary and Alberta University), UK, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia are examples among other countries.
Dr. Bedeir offers professional training to teachers of Islamic studies and Arabic at the school and university levels. He offers seminars and workshops on parenting,  marriage, personal development and life coaching.
Dr. Bedeir is an international speaker and he appeared in many TV Channels all over the world: Nile TV in Egypt, Islam Channel in London, England, Al Huda TV and many other TV shows in USA and Canada. He is a very motivational and engaging speaker who will make you cry and hysterically laugh within the same speech. Dr. Bedeir is a certified life coach as well as an interpreter with the UN for the last 20 years.